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pain management

Customized Pain Management for Your Pet

Customized Pain Management for Your Pet

Rock Island Animal Hospital offers customized pain management services for pets based on their individual health status. Pets recovering from surgical procedures or suffering from chronic conditions benefit from pain management services, and our goal is to offer effective treatment to help your pet feel better and recover faster.

Different forms of pain can severely affect your pet’s quality of life. At Rock Island Animal Hospital, pain management is a high priority treatment for cats and dogs undergoing surgery in our clinic. As an AAHA®-accredited facility, we follow established veterinary guidelines regarding surgical procedures and treatment for pain before, during, and after surgery.

Our team employs a multi-modal approach that combines lower dosages of various drug combinations to get better results and improve healing and recovery rates. We also use local and regional blocks during dental extractions and declaws. We believe pain management is essential to your pet’s overall recovery and we work hard to provide high-quality, personalized treatment plans for our pet patients.

Rock Island Animal Hospital also offers laser therapy, a non-invasive therapeutic treatment that provides pain relief, reduces inflammation, and helps your pet’s body heal naturally from injury or post-surgical trauma.

Please let us know if your pet has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, cancer, chronic pain, or is expected to undergo surgery to treat a medical condition. We can develop a customized pain management protocol tailored to your pet’s health and lifestyle and answer all your questions on how to manage your pet’s pain at home.

At Rock Island Animal Hospital, the safety and comfort of your pet during surgery is our ultimate goal and we are here to answer all your questions regarding your pet’s wellbeing.

To learn more about our surgical services, please call us at (309) 788‑6378 or email us.