Services Offered at Rock Island Animal Hospital

Here at Rock Island Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to making sure every pet and pet owner is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. We work hard to establish and maintain relations built on care, diligence and trust with the pets we treat and their owners. This is why we use Fear Free Techniques throughout our office, and every team member here is Fear Free certified. We are also AAHA certified. Here in our office, we offer a host of services all geared towards maintaining the health and wellness of our patients, and convenience for people who love them. Here are some of the services we offer.

Services Offered at Rock Island Animal Hospital

In-House Laboratory Testing And Pharmacy

We understand that people want to do what’s best for their pets, and we understand that people have busy schedules that may not always be in line with a visit to the veterinarian. Here in our clinic, we accept walk-ins, and if laboratory tests or veterinary medications are needed, they can be obtained right here. Not having to wait a week for lab results not only reduces the stress levels of pet owners, but it makes it much easier for the doctor to make a timely diagnosis. Having a pharmacy on our site makes it easy for people to obtain the medications their pets need.

Cardiac Exams

If our veterinary team suspect that a pet has a condition relating to their cardiovascular system, we are trained and equipped to evaluate their heart here on our premises. We can do the same type of cardiac workup we perform during our puppy and kitten care exams and our adult pet exams. This includes things like listening to heart rates and obtaining the pulse and respiration rates of pets. We also have an EKG machine here in our clinic which allows us to noninvasive obtain and monitor heart rhythms.

Dental Exams and Maintenance

Good oral health is essential to maintaining the health of your pet. We provide pet dental exams and we clean the teeth of the animals we see and remove plaque from the teeth. Making sure pets have healthy teeth is an important aspect of any preventive care regimen. Just like humans, dental disease can become the root cause of heart disease, liver disease, and kidney disease. If oral surgery becomes necessary, our team can handle that as well. We use x-rays to help us with dental charting, and we perform extractions, ultrasonic scaling, and polishing.

Preventative Care

Here at Rock Island Animal Hospital our team of professionals encourages all pet owners to engage in preventive practices like having their pets vaccinated annually. Dogs need to be vaccinated against Canine Distemper, Lyme disease, and canine influenza. Cats need protection from feline distemper, feline leukemia, and rabies.

Emergency Care

During our regular business hours, we are open for emergency care. In the case of a pet emergency, give us a call or bring your pet into our animal hospital immediately. We treat many common types of illnesses and injuries such as broken bones, high fevers, and bites from other animals. We know emergencies can be scary. That's why Rock Island Animal Hospital is here to help you during difficult times.

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