Preventative Healthcare Programs

Preventative Care Provides Many Benefits For Pets And Their Owners

Most pet owners look at their pets as a member of their family. Just like children, it is imperative that they see a veterinarian for their annual pet exams. Pet exams play a major role in ensuring that they are able to live long and healthy lives. Taking care of your pets involve more than making sure they receive their yearly vaccines. Here at Rock Island Animal Hospital, our veterinary team provides annual pet exams which feature elements of preventative care and nutritional care. Here are some of the services provided in our pet exams.

Preventative Care Provides Many Benefits For Pets And Their Owners

Parasite Control

One of the most important parts of our exams involves testing for parasites like heartworms. Heartworm infestations can be painful and can lead to death if the infestation is not treated. We draw a tube of blood and evaluate it under a microscope to make sure pets are clear and free of heartworms. If heartworms are detected, we prescribe medications to treat them. There are other types of worms like hookworms we test for as well. We evaluate pets for other types of parasites like fleas and ticks during their annual exam. We look to check for their by-products in their fur. Based on the findings, we prescribe the appropriate medication for the pet.

Pet Dental Exams

Just like humans, pets need healthy teeth and gums. Here in our clinic, we examine the condition of the teeth and gums of the pets we see. We check for the buildup of plaque and the development of cavities. If we find a buildup of plaque we notify the pet owner and schedule a time for them to bring the pet in for appropriate dental care.

Weight Management And Behavior Modification

Making sure pets maintain a healthy weight plays a vital role in making sure they are healthy. We consult pet owners and make dietary recommendations in regards to what their pets should eat based on their current weight and age. We also document the behaviors we observe during our exams. If we deem it necessary. We offer behavior recommendations pet owners can try at home. We also make referrals to pet trainers.

Microchipping Services

No pet owner ever wants to find themselves in the position of having to search for their pet. In many cases, lost pets are never returned to their loving homes. This is why our team of professionals encourages people to have their pets microchipped. We provide this service here in our office. It is virtually pain-free, takes a few seconds to do and provides a lifetime of security.

Pet Insurance In Case Of Emergencies

Pet insurance is a good way to complement the pet plans provided by your veterinarian, and they are also a source of security for owners who don't have a plan. Pet insurance is there to help cover the expenses associated with emergencies and chronic pet diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Pet insurance plans offer a range of deductible and plan choices. To learn more about our comprehensive pet exams, or to schedule an appointment here at Rock Island Animal Hospital at (309) 788-6378!


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