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New Puppies & Kittens

So you have a new furry what? Understanding everything that a new puppy or kittens can be confusing, between what you read online, what a breeder tells you, and what a pet store tells you, trying to sort out the truth can be frustrating. The first 8 months in their lives are crucial, they needs many vaccines, de-worming, and preventatives. At Rock Island Animal Hospital we try to make pet care simple for you, so we created the follow Wellness Plans. Each plan tells you what your pets will need during their first 4 visits and how much it will cost. BUT, we also realize that taking care of a new puppy or kitten can be financially difficult so we created our Puppy & Kitten Wellness Programs to help you give your new pet all the care it needs at a discounted rate! Call or Stop In today to find how to enroll your new pet!