Pet Microchipping from Your Veterinarian in Rock Island, IL

Some of the saddest calls our Rock Island Animal Hospital staff receives are those letting us know a beloved pet has escaped or has been stolen.  Our Rock Island, IL veterinarian can quickly perform microchipping that improves the likelihood of reuniting an owner with a missing pet.

How Microchips Help

Statistics show that a pet with a microchip has a far better chance of returning home that an animal without one does.  Of the approximately 8 million animals that reach shelters each year, only about a fifth of the canine population returns home.  This figure drops to fewer than 2 percent of cats.

Implanting a microchip is a convenient way for an owner to help keep a pet safe.  Our veterinary practice will implant them during appointments specifically for their insertion or as an add-on during another visit.  Chips are easy to implant and harmless for pets. 

Once inserted, a chip requires no owner maintenance.  All the owner needs to do is contact the registry the manufacturer maintains to enter his or her contact information and make sure that it always remains current.  Our staff will scan each chip once a year to check that it is still in place and working correctly.

How Microchipping Works

Microchipping normally lasts for a pet's lifetime.  A microchip is a tiny transponder.  Each one is roughly the size of a grain of rice and bears a registration number.

During implantation, our veterinarian inserts the chip under a pet’s skin.  The typical spot is between the shoulder blades.  Implantation takes only seconds and causes a pet no more discomfort than associated with most injections.

A number of manufacturers produce microchips.  Each manufacturer assigns a unique number to each chip and maintains a database registry that houses the number along with contact information provided by the pet’s owner.

When an unclaimed animal reaches a shelter or a veterinary practice, the staff scans it with a wand to look for a microchip.  If one has been implanted and is functioning correctly, its registration number displays.  This makes it possible to locate the owner’s contact information and hopefully start the pet on its path home.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Rock Island Veterinarian

Ready to have your pet microchipped?  Call our Rock Island Animal Hospital today at (309) 788-6378 to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian or to ask any questions you might have about microchipping or the other services we offer.  We provide comprehensive care to keep pets happy and healthy.  The goal of our Rock Island veterinary practice is excellent professional services in a warm and inviting environment for both pets and their owners.


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