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Got Fleas?

DO - Treat your pets with a HIGH QUALITY monthly preventative YEAR-ROUND

DON'T - Purchase inexpensive flea treatments - as tempting as the price is, ultimately they don't work and you will end up spending more on useless products in the long run; spend a little more for a product you know will work.

DO - If dealing with a flea problem: Vacuum your home weekly for 3 months and wash all bedding your pets have slept on. Pets must be treated for

DON'T - Use flea shampoos or Dish soap - these do very little to treat a flea problem and actually strips off all topical treatment applied on your pet.

DO - Use a mild soap-free pet shampoo if bathing your pets

DON'T - Bath your pets 2 days before OR after you apply a monthly flea treatment. Topical products spread through the natural oils on your pets skin, if a product is applied too soon after a bath the product will not spread properly. And if you bathe your pet too soon after applying a product it will wash it off before it is fully absorbed.

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