Ear Care

Basic Ear Care

Your pet's ear canals are much longer than ours, and because of this many pets can develop ear problems.
One of the many things we hear is "my dog has ear mites and I need medication." Well, it is actually not very common for dogs to get ear mites. More commonly, cats and dogs develop a yeast or bacterial infection in the ears (or a combination of the two). And depending on exactly what is going on in the ears will determine what medication we will send home to treat them.

The same rules applies to both cats and dogs, if your pets is having ear problems the best course of action is to bring in your pet so we can do an ear swab. Our doctors will look at the sediment under a microscope to determine EXACTLY what is in you pet's ears and then we will send home the corresponding medication.

So how do these infections happen?
The three main causes of ear infections are 1. Trapped moisture in the ear canals 2. Allergies 3. Poor Hygiene

One of the most common mistakes people make with their dog's ears are NEVER EVER clean them with water, ALWAYS use an ear cleaning solution meant for dogs that contains a drying agent. Dog's ears should be cleaned regularly; some need them once a week, while others can get by with once a month. If your dog gets bathed or swims regularly then their ears should be cleaned more often to absorb any trapped moisture.


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