Your Pet and Good Oral Health

At Rock Island Animal Hospital, we know what it takes to take good care of your pet. Oral health is just as important as your pet's overall health. When your pet's dental needs are met, they are going to live a healthier life. Your pet should have their teeth examined once a year, and cleaned by a professional to keep any dental health issues under control.

What Your Veterinarian Looks For at a Dental Exam

When your pet is seen by a veterinarian for a yearly dental exam, they will be screened for a number of potential issues. Your pet's mouth will be checked for signs of periodontal disease, potential tumors, any teeth that are broken or have cavities, and teeth that are not properly aligned. The veterinarian will look carefully at their mouth and determine what type of treatment your pet needs for good dental health.

When It's Time to Schedule a Pet Dental Exam

Your pet should be seen once a year for a routine dental exam. If it has been more than a year since their teeth and oral health has been checked, they need a dental exam as soon as possible. When your pet is having trouble eating, or they have a loose tooth, they need to have a dental exam. If you notice any swelling or bleeding in your pet's mouth, they will need to be checked to make sure there isn't an infection. It is time to schedule a pet dental exam when you notice bad breath and changes to eating habits.

Veterinary Care and Your Pet's Teeth

When your pet needs dental care, this is done under sedation so that the veterinarian can give your pet's oral hygiene the attention it needs. The veterinarian will clean your pet's teeth, take care of any infections, and carefully examine your pet's teeth and gums to look for signs of dental disease. As long as your pet is healthy enough to undergo sedation, a veterinarian will use sedation to meet your pet's oral hygiene needs.

Your Pet and Good Oral Health

Veterinary Care for Your Pet Today

When you need a pet dental exam by a veterinarian in Rock Island, it's time to contact Rock Island Animal Hospital at (309) 788-6378. We provide full dental care for your pet, giving them the chance at good oral health that they deserve. Set up an appointment today to get your pet's oral health taken care of.


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